The Mytton & Mermaid Hotel near Shrewsbury in Shropshire was the wonderful location for Ixchelt and Chris' AMAZING wedding earlier this year.

Ixchelt and Chris are two of the nicest people you could ever meet and it has been so lovely getting to know them both from the initial enquiry, during the pre-wedding shoot, then the pre-wedding meeting, and on the big day itself.  Their wedding was covered in AWESOME SAUCE!  So many of their family and friends had travelled from far and wide...for example Italy, Venezuela, and Telford! Ixchlelt...let your family know that I also do Destination Weddings! ;)

Theme/Vision for the day:
"We wanted to avoid the 'all white' traditional wedding because it doesn't fit us as a couple. So we decided to go for bright bold colours which is how the peacock colours came about, as we're getting married in a country location it was only right to add a slight country feel to it hence the accents of hessian and blackboard. Everything throughout the day reflects us and our relationship. We want the day to be fun and relaxed."

How did you meet?
"We first met at Thomas Telford sixth form, but we were never in the same class apart from FA Level 1 coaching award. However after a few months of sixth form I (Chris) left. We met up again over one summer when Ixchelt was back from uni..... and that's when the chemistry ignited."

Tell me about the proposal?
"We had discussed marriage a couple of times. In April (2014) we bought a house together. I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Ixchelt and from October that year, I started looking into getting a ring designed for her. I wasn't happy with the design or had the conviction to go ahead with it. On a day off in November we decided to go to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. The first shop we went into was GL Bicknell & Sons, she was looking at one end of the glass cabinet and I started at the other. We met together in the middle and pointed out at the same time "What about that one?!" Ixchelt got really emotional when the lady behind the counter asked if she would like to try it on. I got really excited because it was in budget. Deciding not to make an impulsive buy, we marched ourselves up and down the cobbles to make sure there wasn't another ring she might prefer... There wasn't! So I puffed out my chest negotiated my butt off and we both left with a huge smile on our faces. However Ixchelt's mood soon changed. I took the bag off her and put it under the car seat, telling her she was not allowed to try the ring on until I proposed or even look at it. It was to be stored in my dad's safe until I proposed. Oh man the sulks and statements that came out in the car on the way home. "You can't be so cruel" 'Why can't I even look at it?" 'This is worse than torture, knowing that you have the ring." "Please don't make me wait too long." I couldn't help but have a smile. I knew I was going to propose the same night. In between chuckling inside my head listening to her complaints, I was trying to decide the best way to propose..... When we got home I took myself into the kitchen, Ixchelt slopped onto the sofa still sulking. I got on one knee, opened the box and said "Babe do you want a drink?" Yes she replied sharply. "Well can you come make them?" It was like listening to a Kevin and Perry sketch. She came round the corner gasped.. I did my proposal.... she squealed YES and then rugby tackled me to the ground."

You've got to love a bride in Doc Martens! 

Here are a few photos from their big day...

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