1. What's your favourite cake?  I love lemon drizzle cake and Jaffa Cakes (however Jaffa Cakes aren't cakes, they're biscuits)
  2. What's your favourite colour?  Blue
  3. How old are you?  Have a guess.  I'll give you three guesses.  You won't even be close!
  4. How long have you been shooting weddings?  Since 2006
  5. Do you have insurance?  Oh yes!  I'm fully covered with Personal Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance
  6. How would you describe your style of photography?  In three words... Fun, Natural, & Creative
  7. Do we have to feed you on the day of our wedding?  It's not compulsory, but clients who do feed us tend to get photos that are far more awesome than those who don't.  No, but seriously...if you do provide us with a meal on the day that would be ace!
  8. What if it rains on my big day?  No problem at all.  Even if it rains, I would just love it if you'll join me outside to get some awesome images (like this one).  I love looking for reflections in puddles.  I do have a couple of brollies in the car if required. 
  9. Will you really shoot for canapés  and cake?  Yes, but it needs to be a LOT!
  10. What does FAQ stand for?  Er...Fun And Quirky...just how I like my weddings to be!

Got more questions?  Please contact us.