You are a fun-loving couple, and don’t take yourselves too seriously...after all, life is for living.  

You are getting married and planning a fabulous wedding some time in the near, or distant, future...if you’re not then stick around anyway and take a look around my website  :)

You are looking for a fun, creative, natural wedding photographer - well you’ve found me!  ;)  

You believe that a wedding doesn’t have to conform to traditions and that it’s YOUR day...and you should have it YOUR way.  

You love each other just the way you are.  You do not want to be ‘Photoshopped’ as you are perfect!  

You love our work (although it does not feel like work), and would love to have a beer or a glass of wine (or two) with us.  

If the above sounds like YOU and you think we are the right ‘fit’, then let’s have a chat...we would love to create some *AWESOME stuff before, during, and after your big day!  




extremely impressive; inspiring awe.


breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, staggering, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable, magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, miraculous, sublime, formidable, imposing, impressive, mind-boggling, mind-blowing, out of this world, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, amazeballs, badass, wondrous.